• cPanel & WHM Software Licensing Cost Changes - Initial Statement.

    July 10, 2019 by Support Staff
  • Dear Clients,

    On 27th June cPanel posted an announcement launching new licensing plans and prices for the cPanel & WHM control panel licences, we have since received a number of enquiries from clients regarding this.

    Nothing is changing at this time, cPanel have this scheduled to start from the middle of September.

    We're still working with cPanel at the moment regarding the new pricing scheme and how we are affected before announcing any confirmed price changes- we're awaiting their response at the moment.

    We will post a final statement outlining the changes and options once we have received a response from cPanel, as always if you have any questions at all, we are here to help.

    Kind Regards,
    Juan J. Arroyo
    Company Director

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